Work preparation 2.0: safer and more productive workers

Stedin Prik/Pluim

Work preparation 2.0: safer and more productive workers

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UX Design, Development, Data Migration

Happy users, and saved mechanic time? You bet. First we optimized the process of work preparation. Next we created two beautiful apps – Prik and Pluim - to replace the complex tools Stedin used before.

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Stedin handles gas and electricity infrastructure for 2 million+ Dutch households and companies. Demand for electricity and gas meters keeps growing. And working on them is becoming more complex. The added pressure landed in the work preparation phase. The back-office employees worked with outdated software that lacked documentation. After years of building on top of the existing solutions, the work had to be done in many different interfaces. This approach wouldn't work forever; time for a change. 



Stedin wanted to build two modern and easy-to-use apps from scratch. Right up OutSystems' alley. Starting from scratch helped them rethink the process as well. We took the lead in the transition. It proved quite a challenge involving the migration of 80.000 pending work orders.  


Involving the users

We wanted to make sure the users would adopt the new app fast. That's why we involved them in every step of the way. And it paid off. We created two intuitive apps that get the work done much faster saving time and costs.  

I liked how you started with finding out how people wanted to work with the tool.

I liked how you started with finding out how people wanted to work with the tool.

Tanja Gommers, Product Owner at Stedin


Structured Integrations

We integrated the two OutSystems apps with modern API's through Microsoft Azure. This helped us remove all SOAP, RestAPI, or custom service bus adapters integrations. By publishing datalake events Stedin now has access to fast and reliable reporting. 



The new apps achieve real business results:  

  • - Improved worker safety and productivity 

  • - Ending expensive legacy licenses  

  • - Guaranteed business continuity  

  • - Adoption without a hitch: users love the apps.