We are a group of seasoned IT experts combined with the brightest young minds. We use the latest tech and apply it in a reliable way. We are self steering, but will also closely collaborate with you. We apply this unique mix to make you the digital leader of tomorrow.

OutSystems core services

  • Application development

    Application development

    Are you looking for stunning UX design, software that is fit for purpose, makes users happy and actually adds value to your business? With our proven low code execution methodology, we run the software product lifecycle from UX/UI design to production. We work closely together with the business in a multidisciplinary team for maximum results.

  • Design sprint

    Design sprint

    Our favourite way of kickstarting development. With a limited investment you can validate that your product or idea is worth the effort. We’re a big fan of the Google Ventures Design Sprint where we detail, prototype and test your idea in just 5 days.

  • Product Services

    Product Services

    We will take care of your OutSystems production applications as a service and extend your return on investment, while you can focus on your business.

OutSystems expert services

  • Architecture


    Architects take on the challenge to establish standards and guidelines to safeguard smooth and uniform adoption. Team Resilience offers a series of workshops targeted at establishing these standards and guidelines for a customer-specific situation.

  • OutSystems Academy

    OutSystems Academy

    Train your team in 2 months time to leverage proven Team Resilience best practices with OutSystems. This format can be applied on experienced (high code) developers or trainees. We can also help to recruit the team.

  • Technical assessment

    Technical assessment

    We assess what your product or project needs to get into shape. Whether your product is not meeting the performance requirements, development pace needs improvement or your UX is not optimal. We are here to help!

  • Low code UX/UI design

    Low code UX/UI design

    Create stunning applications that users will love. We love to go all-out and deliver designs that don’t just look pretty, but are also loved by your users, easy to build, and in line with your business goals.

  • Performance testing and management

    Performance testing and management

    Building OutSystems apps is 1, making sure that your users perceive optimal performance is second. We will setup performance tests to give (day-to-day) insights on actual user experience. These tests pinpoint potential performance bottlenecks within the entire infrastructure before they occur.

  • Automated testing

    Automated testing

    With our automated regression testing methodology you can assess your OutSystems software quality on a day-to-day basis. Confirming that whatever was working still is.

Get yourself a tailor made approach

We believe that our approach nets you big results, but sometimes your questions need that special something. Get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you need.

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