Our story


In the second half of 2018, Vincent van der Hoorn, Frank Terburg and Marcel Bos, three former colleagues with each decades of history in the global software industry, got together to discuss the opportunity to realize a joint dream.

The occasion? Some pretty intriguing hands-on experience with the power of low-code, in particular with the fast growing OutSystems software platform.

The dream? To establish a company that enables fundamental changes in the development of enterprise software, in exactly the way they had always wanted it in a company: A team of true IT professionals striving for excellence.

For the right professionals a great place to work, providing customers with great results through teamwork.

This is what we aim for since the start of 2019, when the company was founded under the name of Team Resilience.

What's in a name

Team Resilience was founded on two fundamental principles: the Team concept and the notion of Resilience.


We believe that the best people create best results in a team. Therefore, as an organization, we are a team with members instead of employees. We are eager to explore, share knowledge, challenge each other, always aiming for 100% quality.

Similar, it is our firm believe that the best projects, the best digital products and businesses are the result of team work. Therefore, instead of working from a traditional supplier perspective, we engage with our clients to work as a team, driving joint success.


Our passion is to help clients build the resilience to escape IT legacy and deliver unprecedented service and innovation to their customers. To this end, our aim is to create resilient software: easy to maintain and fast to expand, not just now but indeed for many years to come.

Resilience is also a core value of our organization: it is a symbol of the strength of character of every team-member, never afraid of asking why and always focusing on delivering great results.

Our Resilient Team

Since the start of Team Resilience we have grown a lot.

Meet our team


A low-code platform is a crucial condition for successful digital business transformation. In our vision that’s not enough though.

Low-code methodology

In the wrong hands and with the wrong approach the vast power of low-code platforms can also be misused, leading to applications with for example maintainability or performance issues. In our view, real success requires at least four things:

  • Expert level OutSystems knowledge in order to unlock the full potential, speed and integration capabilities of the platform

  • Outstanding UX/UI design ensures fit for purpose applications and makes adoption so much easier

  • From the start, a solid IT architecture design to make sure that application landscapes are created with the highest level of resilience: easy to maintain and expand, highly scalable and with great performance

  • Effective Product Management, to ensure successful and continuous delivery of state-of-the-art business applications

Digital excellence

At Team Resilience, based on decades of relevant experience, we are specialized to deliver expertise in all these areas in one integrated approach.

Promise of low-code

In short: the combination of OutSystems software and Team Resilience services enable organizations to really capitalize on the promise of low-code, escaping the vicious cycle of ever increasing IT legacy maintenance efforts and insufficient innovation capabilities. Does development of easy to use, engaging and smart enterprise applications, at the speed of innovation sound too good to be true?

We are here to help

Does development of easy to use, engaging and smart enterprise applications, at the speed of innovation sound too good to be true?

Try us and be surprised


Our mission is to help clients become the digital leaders of tomorrow, providing fast and resilient application innovation while leveraging existing IT investments.


The choice of Team Resilience for OutSystems is deliberate as, in our view, there is only so much one can be really good at. In our case it’s the OutSystems low-code platform.


So what is low-code? It is a way to design and develop software fast and with minimal hand-coding. It enables skilled people to deliver value much more quickly and reliably. Developers skip all the infrastructure and re-implementation of patterns that can bog them down and go straight to the unique part of an application (sometimes only 10% of all code). To get an idea, watch this 2 min video.