Saving precious mechanic time by optimizing work preparation

Stedin Prik/Pluim

Saving precious mechanic time by optimizing work preparation

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UX Design, Development, Data Migration

By optimizing business processes and creating two new applications that replaced an incredibly complex legacy application, Stedin saves precious mechanic time and gains happy users.

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As one of the three major power network suppliers, Stedin is responsible for delivering the infrastructure for electricity and gas to over 2 million households and companies in the Netherlands.

The preparations for installment and maintenace of electricity and gas meters had become too complex. Employees had to use an outdated legacy application which lacked documentation and had turned into a spiderweb of different interfaces. It became a business continuity risk.



Stedin decided they needed to start from scratch and build two modern, well-structured applications using OutSystems. We were asked to take the lead in this transition, including a big data migration for 80.000 pending workorders.


Involving the users

Involving the users was the key factor to this project’s succes. To ensure that they would love the new applications, we did thorough UX research and got their opinion on all ideas. This led to great things; the apps are intuitive, only shows what's truly neccessary and best of all: gets work done much faster.

I liked how you started with finding out how people wanted to work with the tool.

I liked how you started with finding out how people wanted to work with the tool.

Tanja Gommers, Product Owner at Stedin


Structured Integrations

The two OutSystems apps are integrated into the IT landscape by using modern APIs through Microsoft Azure API management, replacing all out of date and unreliable integrations in SOAP, RestAPI or custom service bus adapters of its predecessor. Additionally, datalake events are published to ensure fast and reliable reporting.



The two new applications gain real business value for Stedin by: 1) optimizing business processes 2) reducing expensive legacy licenses 3) eliminating the business continuity risk.

Last but definitely not least, users are very happy to work with the new and improved applications.